it's your multi-passionate, day-dreaming bestie 

I am obsessed with finding new passions. You could ask my partner, she would tell you I have a new one every other month. Design is not a new creative outlet for me though. I have been designing on the down low for six years with local business owners, pro-bono. After years of people telling me to start charging for my design work, I have finally decided to share it with you all.  

to keep it simple

I'm Mars

I am a born and raised Kansan who doesn't let the small town vibes keep me from dreaming big. Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a dreamer and creative. From books to hobbies I. WANT. FANTASY. (a true Pisces at heart). When there is room for me to create, I am the happiest girl in the world. It could be creating music with my cello, drawing up new stickers, mixing up an herbal blend, or designing websites. I get lost in my creations and you won't find me anywhere else until they're finished. Keeping myself busy is a must and another passion of mine is playing soccer multiple times through the week semi-professionally. Whatever I am doing, that brain up there is doing the damn thing, she doesn't get a break. 

Let's get real

The Designer

The Woman

AESTHETIC & FUNCTIONALITY, OK. I want all the vibes for your brand and business. I find myself as a designer drawn to stepping outside the norm with interesting shapes and graphics that simply elevate. I want to give you your dream and take your business to the next level because you and your clients deserve it.

When I am not playing soccer or creating something, I love to find local businesses to support with my credit card. I am also a dog mama to a cuddly Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix. My favorite way to recharge is a movie night with my partner and fur baby, Millie.



+ One page website
+ 2 template options
+ 5 days
+ The Deets (minus branding)
+ Beta R1 $295
+ Normal $695



+ 5 page website
+ 2 template options
+ 5 days
+ The Deets (minus branding)
+ Beta R1 $595
+ Normal $1,195


+ Custom website
+ 2-4 weeks
+ The Deets (minus branding)
+ Beta R1 $795
+ Normal $1,595



+ Custom website
+ 2-4 weeks
+ The Deets
+ Beta R1 $1,195
+ Normal $2,395

"If you were unsure about her services, this is your sign to say YES!"

- Twin Luminaries 

"I thought this process was going to be hard, but Mars simplified everything."

- Mars & Moon

"Worth. The. Investment. Period.

- Blush & Bloom